GDP Growth by Industry, Northwest Territories

TSS5042 - Total
      TSS5043 - Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
      TSS5044 - Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
      TSS5045 - Utilities
      TSS5046 - Construction
      TSS5047 - Manufacturing
      TSS5048 - Wholesale trade
      TSS5049 - Retail trade
      TSS5050 - Transportation and warehousing
      TSS5051 - Information and cultural industries
      TSS5052 - Finance and insurance
      TSS5053 - Real estate and rental and leasing
      TSS5054 - Professional, scientific and technical services
      TSS5055 - Management of companies and enterprises
      TSS5056 - Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services
      TSS5057 - Educational services
      TSS5058 - Health care and social assistance
      TSS5059 - Arts, entertainment and recreation
      TSS5060 - Accommodation and food services
      TSS5061 - Other services (except public administration)
      TSS5062 - Public administration

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