% Employment by Industry, Northwest Territories

TSS5078 - Goods-producing sector
      TSS5079 - Agriculture
      TSS5080 - Forestry, fishing, mining, oil and gas
      TSS5081 - Utilities
      TSS5082 - Construction
      TSS5083 - Manufacturing
TSS5084 - Services-producing sector
      TSS5085 - Trade
      TSS5086 - Transportation and warehousing
      TSS5087 - Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing
      TSS5088 - Professional, scientific and technical services
      TSS5089 - Business, building and other support services
      TSS5090 - Educational services
      TSS5091 - Health care and social assistance
      TSS5092 - Information, culture and recreation
      TSS5093 - Accommodation and food services
      TSS5094 - Other services
      TSS5095 - Public administration

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