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Seniors in the NWT

Produced by the NWT Bureau of Statistics, Seniors in the NWT provides a summary of older residents of the Northwest Territories. Similar to there being no definitive age category for “seniors”, this profile utilizes different age categories dependent on the data source. Data and analysis related to employment, income and housing conditions includes those 55 years and over, while people 60 years and over are considered seniors when discussing population, health & wellness, languages and traditional activities.  

Downloadable Data

Seniors in the NWT (PDF)

Territorial Single Years of Age by Gender, 2001-2020

Labour Force Activity by Gender and Age, 2006-2019

Housing Problem, 2019

Health Behaviour Indicators Aged 15 and Over, 2017/2018

General Behaviour Indicators Aged 15 and Over, 2017/2018

Traditional Activities, 2018

Income, 2018

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