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What's New

2021 Census - Education, Instruction in the Minority Official Language, and Labour Market - November 2022 (12/01/2022)
Yesterday Statistics Canada released the final data products from the 2021 Census, providing information on education, instruction in the minority official language, and the labour market.
full release | infographic

Consumer Price Index - October 2022 (11/16/2022)
Information released today by Statistics Canada indicates the Yellowknife All-Items Consumer Price Index in October rose by 7.1% compared to one year ago. By comparison, annual prices increased by 6.9% for Canada, 6.8% for Edmonton, 7.6% for Whitehorse and 4.3% for Iqaluit.
full release

Gross Domestic Product, Northwest Territories - 2021 Final (11/08/2022)
Statistics Canada has released initial 2021 estimates of income and expenditure accounts and revised 2021 estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Canada, the provinces and territories. In 2021, the NWT economy grew by 4.8% partially offsetting the 10.2% decline in 2020.
full release | infographic

Labour Force Survey Highlights - October 2022 (11/04/2022)
Labour Force Survey information released by Statistics Canada today estimates the Northwest Territories’ seasonally unadjusted employment rate for October 2022 at 71.6%. This is a 3-percentage point decline from the previous month, and consistent with historical seasonal patterns of declines over the winter months.
full release | dashboard

Population Estimates - July 2022 (09/28/2022)
On July 1, 2022, Statistics Canada estimated that 45,605 people were living in the Northwest Territories, of which 23,450 (51.4%) were males and 22,155 (48.6%) were females. Historically, in the NWT, there have been more males than females.
full release

2021 Census - Indigenous Persons & Housing - September 2022 (09/21/2022)
Statistics Canada has released the fifth series of data from the 2021 Census. Information released provides data on Indigenous peoples as well as housing.
indigenous peoples | housing | infographic

NWT Indicators Dashboard (08/24/2022)
The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has recently launched the NWT Indicators Dashboard that provides a selection of key economic, environmental, and social indicators for the Northwest Territories (NWT). The dashboard draws on data from Statistics Canada and the NWT Bureau of Statistics. The GNWT will update the dashboard on a regular basis as new data sets are identified and made available.
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2021 Census - Language - August 2022 (08/18/2022)
Statistics Canada has released the fourth series of data from the 2021 Census. This release focuses on key language indicators such as mother tongue , home language and knowledge of language. The Information covers all Indigenous languages, including the nine official Indigenous languages of the Northwest Territories (NWT), namely, Chipewyan, Cree, Gwich’in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, North Slavey, South Slavey and Tłı̨chǫ. Information was also released on English, French and other languages spoken in the territory.
full release | infographic

2021 Census - Families, Households, Military Experience & Income - July 2022 (07/13/2022)
Today, Statistics Canada released the third series of data from the 2021 Census. This release focuses on families, households, marital status, military service, and income, providing, among other things, a portrait of diverse living arrangements and family structures across Canada.
full release | infographic

Census of Agriculture (05/11/2022)
Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture Homepage
Statistics Canada released new data from the 2021 Census of Agriculture. Learn about the adaptability of Canadian farm operators and data trends in the agriculture industry at the Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture Homepage.

2021 Census - Age, Gender, and Type of Dwelling - April 2022 (04/27/2022)
Every five years, Statistics Canada conducts a national Census that counts the number of persons living in Canada at a particular point in time. Today, data was released from the 2021 Census of Population on type of dwelling, age, and for the first time, gender.
full release | infographic

Capital Expenditure Investments - 2022 Intentions (02/25/2022)
Statistics Canada has released 2022 investment intentions for private and public capital expenditures for Canada, the provinces and territories. Compared to 2021, overall 2022 capital expenditures for the Northwest Territories are expected to increase by 7.3% to $788.1 million. Public expenditures are expected to increase by 8.9% in 2022, while private expenditures are expected to rise by 3.5%.
full release | infographic

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