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Women in the NWT

The report, Women in the NWT, is produced by the NWT Bureau of Statistics to provide a profile of women in the Northwest Territories. Women are not a homogenous group and their experiences differ by age, ethnicity and other social characteristics. This report provides a glimpse into this diversity by providing data and analysis on women’s population, education, labour force participation, family status, health and wellness and other indicators.  

Downloadable Data

Women in the NWT (PDF)

Territorial Single Years of Age by Gender, 2001-2020

NWT Labour Force Activity by Gender and Age, 2006-2019

Occupaton by Gender, 2011, 2016 & 2019

Highest Level of Schooling by Gender & Ethnicity, 2009-2019

Highest Level of Schooling by Gender & Age, 2009-2019

NWT Graduation Rates by Gender and Ethnicity, 2007-2017

Employee Hourly Wage Distribution by Select Characteristics, 2019

Personal Income by Gender, 2018

General Health Indicators, Population Aged 15 and Over, 2017/18

Health Behaviour Indicators, Population Aged 15 and Over,2017/18

Persons Who Engaged in Traditional Activities by Selected Characteristics, 2018

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