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2001 Census of Canada Data

The GNWT has expressed significant concerns about coverage related to the 2001 census and completed its own population survey to assess the level of undercoverage in the 2001 census. Since it appears that about 10% of the population may have been missed in the 2001 census, results from this census should be used with caution. In particular, analysis of absolute values with previous census years should be avoided.

2002 NWT Population Survey - Preliminary Results

The 2002 NWT Population Survey was one component of the census assessment completed by the NWT Bureau of Statistics.

The survey was designed to cover the population in private dwellings and involved a sample of more than 5,200 dwellings. The survey was completed between mid-October and mid-December in all NWT communities.

The following is the report on the preliminary results for the 2002 NWT Population Survey.

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