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NWT Socio-Economic Scan

The socio-economic scan is intended to provide an overview of current and past social and economic conditions of the Northwest Territories, including comparisons to Canada, in order to provide context for decisions that are required during the business planning process. It is hoped that the document provides a good overview of the information, but it must be recognized that given the length and format of the document, it can not provide all the level of detail on every issue.

The data that is presented in the Socio-Economic Scan refers to the geographic boundaries of the Northwest Territories following division. In many cases, historical information has been compiled that reflects the new geographic boundaries of the NWT.

Sections included in the socio-economic scan include: population, economic and social well-being, education, health, labour force activity, and the economy.

2015 NWT Socio-Economic Scan (Excel)

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