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Attending school is essential to student learning and academic success. The following table provides attendance, by grades and by community types. Overall attendance refers to the average of the number of days (or hours in the case of high school students) attended divided by the total number of day (or hours) possible, expressed as a percentage.


School enrollment (head counts) refers to the number of students with 60% or higher attendance as of September 30.

Grade 6 and Grade 9 Alberta Achievement Test Results

The Alberta Achievement Tests (AATs) are standardized tests developed by Alberta Education. NWT Grade 6 and 9 students write the AATs at the end of each school year. The NWT adopted these tests to monitor student academic achievement and to provide data for informing policy decisions. The tables provided indicate the percentage of NWT grade 6 and grade 9 students scoring Acceptable levels on the English Language Arts and Math AATs.

High School Graduates

The following table includes the total number of high school graduates by ethnicity.

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