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This industry involves the production of goods for both industrial and consumer use. Statistics Canada releases monthly sales information, as well as detailed annual financial statistics for this sector.

Manufacturing Shipment
Monthly: Thousands
Northwest Territories

% Change from Prev Period
% Change from Prev Year

% Change from Prev Period
  2018 Jun 4,676 197.1 186.3 60,777,036 -1.2 5.2
  May 1,574 -59.0 -51.4 61,496,444 10.6 4.6
  Apr 3,842 x 54.4 55,592,006 -5.2 7.4
  Mar x x x 58,612,256 14.2 2.1
  Feb x x x 51,303,860 -1.6 4.5
  Jan x x x 52,163,965 -0.2 3.9

Note: ‘x’ means data has been suppressed by Statistics Canada

For more detailed information on manufacturing shipments for the Northwest Territories or for comparisons with Canada or other provincial or territorial jurisdictions see TSR System.

Downloadable Data

Table 1 NWT Annual Manufacturing Principal Statistics, 2012-2016
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